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Name Hidden · @Private User

Thank God for Parler! Come on Senator Paul. You can say his name here!!

Uh why? I thought no one knew his, er pretend her, name. How can he out the whistleblowers name if no one knows his, er sorry, her, name.

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Gary · @Grsa203

Yes. It would be interesting to see the original clip posted and kept posted, here. It used to be that officials could get away with applying the word “alleged” to a name and have the name mentioned.

Everyone knows who the whistle blower is

It doesn’t matter, the whole World knows who it is


Aaawh,. Poor little Communist p**** got outed.

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Jenny · @MrsC7

How can you remove a video of Rand Paul mentioning a name or more than one name? For what reason? How does YouTube know that one of the names is the alleged whistleblower if no one knows who the whistleblower is or his/her name? It doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Which can only mean that everyone knows the whistleblower's name and pretending otherwise is a farce to protect him from being harassed or prosecuted for making a false complaint and claim.

Free Speech must be protected against these so called “platforms” who are seeking to undermine it.