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Utterly disgusting

Parler for President 2024.

Why won鈥檛 he move here toooooooooo?

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Because he has to keep the stock market up. Microsoft, Apple, Twitter google Facebook Twitter etc basically all tech giants make the Nasdaq go up especially Apple. Trump is sacrificing our freedom and the dollar/purchasing power to keep his 1% billionaires happy

Just stay based parler, I have the feeling America will reward your effort.

I 鉂わ笍 Parler and free speech

i dont care lol

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Of course you dont, you are BLACK!! Lol

@Qualitykrisps Same to you NIGGER! White will always be right! Lol

@Optimaldermis that鈥檚 not very nice

@Qualitykrisps Spare me!! Cracker?? Is that with or without a nice Brie--- superb WHITE cheese!!

@Optimaldermis ? what are you trying to say

@Optimaldermis So he calls me a Cracker?? So i called him what he is and he cried, ran away and deleted his comment! Lol

It鈥檚 All about Communist China!!!馃槺

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I thinkit's about globalism and AGENDA21. Trump is ruining their plans.

Thank you

Love Parler

Please echo this if you agree

We the People should sue for candidates to take mental acuity exams before the election especially if debates do not occur.

We the People should be confident that BOTH candidates can pass a mental acuity test so as not require the 25th Amendment the first day or soon after taking office. We the people have the right (10th amendment) to sue the DNC and RNC and the candidates to prove their basic capability. Since Congress has not legislated anything to affirm competence, and because the 25th amendment does not cover the issue, the right (10th Amendment) remains with the people.

We the people propose the tests be administered 90 days before the election and again 30 days before the election in case of more recent decline.

If the tests are not administered then the new President can not legitimately take the oath of office because he or she will NOT be able to protect the Constitution to the 鈥渂est of my Ability.鈥 Article II section 1 of Constitution.

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The longer I鈥檓 here the more impressed I am with Parler. 馃憦馃徏

Totally agree, I鈥檓 sure they will hire a democratic Doctor that will Lie for him.

They will hire a doctor to say he is fine! We need debates! Biden, come on man! Debate Trump you chicken!

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Jooks @Jooks

Biden badly needs to have his head examined!

The Liberal Commie Silicon Dogs in action.

People need to wake up we are on the verge of losing all freedom

Psst...if you keep poking that bear you'll get a surprise.

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Fung @Fung

We know this and hope he stop that with the fcc rule.

Total bs, so tired of this shitshow. Tired of Twitter and Facebook!!!!!

At least ADD Parler to the digital tool chest Mr. President. Rip it (censorship) off like a bandaid!

Good job 馃憤馃徏 Parler

only because he posted fake news... facebook and twitter are a little different. they don't allow us to post fake news there... 馃槩 that is why I prefer Parler! 馃懟

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It wasn't even fake, the CDC has data to prove that children don't experience symptoms or death unless they have an underlying condition.

@DankPres cool... where is this data? can you help me to find it?


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Jooks @Jooks

He was just repeating info from the CDC!

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Jenv @Jenvin

He was actually having a conversation with people he thought were capable of critical thought . His mistake on that misjudgment.

Did you hear that people? 3.5 million now. That鈥檚 half a million more since I last heard a few weeks ago.

Big Tech & Media are the true threat to our great nation!