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Derek Utley · @Derek ·

EPIC. A Colorado town ran ANTIFA and BLM out of town like the Wild Wild West. 😂🤣

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My favorite channel! I have it on right now!
Aces high!

Average white guy breaks down Black Lives Matter with a message. Please slow down the rhetoric. A breakdown of Black lives matter as an organization. I believe all black peoples lives matter. But the movement itself is a hoax.
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I tried to warn em. They just don't listen.

Preach on brother!!!!! Love the way you break it down for people... wish you could reach more of these fools... ima share as much as possible

ANTIFA is even worse! I saw this online, and since I have relatives in both places, I sent it to them. Advertising on "CRAIGSLIST" for RIOTERS, & offering them $25.00/hr, is ILLEGAL. So WHY WAS NOTHING DONE?


Look up the stats on my people,(Native Americans), and the Deaths by Police. It's UGLY, but we are NOT going out in the streets going crazy. (With the exception of a few NUT CASES, like NATHAN PHILIPS)I don't NORMALLY refer to myself as Native American, nor should ANYONE ELSE, regardless of their Ancestry. If you were LEGALLY born in America, and your parents are LEGALIZED Citizens, YOU & THEY are simply AMERICANS.

Yesssss yessss Love ❤️ this

🦅🇺🇸 USA! USA! USA!

Git Tha Fuk Out. love it. I tried to warn them. haha.

It's the only way to GET BACK TO NORMAL folks!!!

Just a good ol boy, Never meaning no harm. But if ya come to our town, we're a breakin your arm. LMAO. This is like heaven to me.

This gives me hope for the state of Colorado.

That was amazzzzing!!! What a sight to see—I watched every second 😍👊🏼🌟🇺🇸💪🏼

Which town in Colorado?

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Colorado City.

Colorado City, Texas. 🇺🇸

I heard someone yell get out of Norman, Colorado

@Kopzilla Oh ok probably was northern haha. Sounded like Norman lmao Thanks for making me feel even older 😂


Awesome! USA!

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Eric · @AgAuCu

To be repeated all over the country when these commie puke puddles show up in Real America.

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Not with republican mayors.

Beautiful! Now, let’s get the rest of the country to be like that


Good for them. America!!


Love it

There a reason the Calvary was highly valued back in the day