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Amy Peikoff · @AmyPeikoff ·

Tomorrow I will have the great pleasure of speaking with @RobbWolf, in a special live interview/Q&A, with questions taken exclusively here on Parler! In the interview segment, we'll be discussing his experience with Cancel Culture, as well as his new book, Sacred Cow.

I'll be broadcasting live from my YouTube channel, and once we get started, I'll post the stream-specific link (and tag Robb). But if you already know what question you'd like to ask him, leave it as a comment below.

See you tomorrow!

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BTW, we'll be going live at 12 p.m. ET

I’d love to hear someone riff on this editorial and the papers it references—the connection between gut biota & mental health then riff: current American diet vs all these psych drugs everyone’s on...

PS and just paste the url and get the goods...

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Are you a conspiracy theorist

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The Illuminati told you to ask me that, didn’t they? Or maybe it was Soros?

Depends on the conspiracy!

What’s your opinion on the shake up at CrossFit and what do you think about OMAD (one meal a day)?