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VIDEO: Blue Bell Ice Cream Licker Identified By Police #Texas #Health #Winning

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The Daily Defender | Real news done right The teen caught in a viral video licking ice cream from a new container and putting it back in a grocery store freezer has been identified by police.
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Dont mess with Texas or our Blue Bell.

This is not the only incident and in all the videos that I have seen the people doing it are black.

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True and as a Black man it disgusts me. There's just no need for such blatant stupidity. Tampering with food products is a serious crime.

I saw one where a white kid spit into a bottle of Arizona Iced Tea. Equally as disgusting.

Can someone spell "idiot?"

♥️♥️♥️ Well, it IS BELL.... That ice cream is AMAZING!! ♥️♥️♥️

Don’t mess with Texas!

Throw her nasty self in jail!

Thats just so wrong...on so many levels...wth is wrong with ppl...smdh

She identifies as a scumbag.

Blue Bell should sue her parents for 1 million in damages. Take their house, car, everything.

Make the jerk pay for every Blue Bell container in the store as a fine. Cut him off of social networks for 5 years. Charge him with terrorism.

I don't care if she and he are minors. They're both old enough to know better. This is product tampering just like the Tylenol incident a few years ago. She could have a transmittable disease. Don't forget, AIDS is transmittable through saliva.