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ColionNoir · @ColionNoir ·

⁉️ New Gun Owners Surge Realizing that the Government Won't Protect its People Amid Riots, Pandemic & a rise in Crime

5 million Americans purchase their first firearm largely due to people realizing that the government & their political agendas won't protect its people amongst nationwide riots, chaos, pandemic, and spikes in crime.

New Gun Owners Surge Realizing the Government Won't Protect its People Amid Riots, Pandemic & Crime Gun Sales Surge New Gun Owners Surge Feeling the Government Won't Protect its People Amid Riots, Pandemic, & Crime 5 million Americans purchase their first firearm amid...
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it’s so funny how Mayor Wheeler of Portland gets a taste of his own medicine and he can just simply pick up and move to a new address.

While his other citizens are victim of his feckless leader ship.

We need to DISCLOSE his NEW ADDRESS when he moves!

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Not the best idea,

Wheeler says look squirrel! Ha, Ha, made you look!

Nicely done!

Great to finally see Americans exercising their First Amendment RIGHT to bare arms. #ApexPredator #TermLimits

Now, let’s hope they don’t fall right back into their old ways once they start to fell “safe” again

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DR.PC · @Pcnsc

Yea, and buying ammo they will never use!!🙄

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Are you absolutely sure of that...??

And people are leaving New York and socal in record numbers too. Just remember if you flee a bullshit state, for a more free state, don’t bring your bullshit voting habits with you.

Yep - I'm one of the new owners.

@ColionNoir, I’ve been following your advocacy and work for years. Keep it up! #2adefenders #2a #2ashallnotbeinfringed

Is it Democrat voters suddenly afraid who are buying guns for self protection, or is ANTIFA and BLM arming themselves for the post election conflict?

Just showing support for Colion. Awesome work!

But will Democrat gun buyers remember who wants to take their shiny new guns this November and more important who put them in power to begin with?

If your #walkaway you need to leave your poor voting choices behind as well.

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David · @Balido

Great appearance on Fox & Friends this morning. Hope to see you there more often. Carry on!

Good. New 2A supporters and voters.

And the fact that most of these “hot spots” released large numbers of felons from prison early. Just dumped them on the streets in the middle of all this.

Colion, please try to set up interviews with the surviving members of the Deacons for Defense and Justice. Every day I see parallels to their experience: citizens caught between violent mobs and a corrupt / complicit government that won't stop the chaos, add to that a media that paints the mobs as heroes and citizens that defend themselves as crazed radicals.

I can’t protect myself either cuz nobody has ammo! #whereisalltheammo