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John Matze 馃嚭馃嚫 @John

Welcome @KTHopkins to Parler! I can personally confirm this is now the official account for Katie Hopkins the British broadcaster recently banned off Twitter.

We are so happy to welcome our new UK friends to Parler as the movement continues to grow worldwide.

Censorship and manipulation of users is an attempt to undermine governments and control the masses. Censorship by Twitter is protecting terrorists in the Middle East, hurting freedom loving protesters in Iran, preferring communist regimes, and attempting to undermine democracy in the western world. TechnoFascists such as Twitter are attempting to use their Orwellian position of power to undermine and manipulate the masses and destroy our freedoms. They believe they are smarter then you, they believe they are better then you, and they want to see your unique thoughts replaced with them and their experts. We are not slaves to the thought police. Join us and #TWEXIT

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Thanks for the great work John. Are there any plans to have an alternative feed where I can see most relevant/interesting posts instead of most recent? It is difficult to keep up if my feed is flooded with items from people I follow and when it takes time to scroll through a bunch of things.

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We have three feeds.
All, No Echo and Subscribed.

If you go to someone鈥檚 profile you can hit the bell (if you follow them) and subscribe.

No echo is just original content without echos.

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David @dsands

I鈥檇 like to see the ability to rank those I follow. My personal rank. Feed would group by followed account and be ordered by my rank. Let me know if you鈥檙e looking for backend devs lol

@dsands If I get it right - you can have 2 groups - just follow (in the feed)
with the bell - notified instantly.

Algorithms are risky business, as proven by Twitter, etc. ;)

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David @dsands

@BehemothCat Not talking about an algorithm. Just a simple user setting. Basically allow me to control my feed beyond the currently available settings.

@dsands Give them a chance. ;)

Seriously though - I guess you can put the suggestion to either "Feedback", or tag at Parlerdev.

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David @dsands

@BehemothCat I just hope Parler survives the Great Purge of 2020.

@John That should work - effectively allowing a list of important followers. Is there a follow limit? Could never quite figure out how Twitter worked here. I was effectively stuck at following about 5.5k people as I had 5.2k followers so I had to revert to using lists to follow new & interesting people. Allow lists allowed me to categorise.

@John But sometimes the ECHO is how I found new, relevant people to follow. 馃槉馃嚭馃嚥

@John Echos are ok but I only want to see them once, it would remove good content to deny them altogether.

You sir are what America is all about馃嚭馃嚫

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Like the handle..

I don鈥檛 think it is Katie. Her Instagram says she isn鈥檛 a on any social media platform apart from Instagram.

I fell for it also. I wish it was her.

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I spoke to her this morning. It鈥檚 her.

There was a hiccup the the account yesterday. However that is resolved now.

John Matze, the creator has just confirmed it is now the real Katie Hopkins.

@John Then accept my apologies. I am thrilled if that鈥檚 the case I was ousted by twitter for the same reasons. Lost over 20k followers there and now starting over here as of yesterday.

Any chance of a 鈥榣eg up鈥?

I've just hit the downward arrow by mistake. How do I undo it? 馃檮

@Britabroadinnl Just hit the up arrow, should override it

They've removed the impersonator & this is an official announcement?

@BetteDavis Thanks 馃槉

Thank you everyone. I wasn鈥檛 aware of the clear up. Great to have you onboard Katie x

It IS her. Are you deliberately spreading misinformation, or just think you're correct based on other info? Maybe she hasn't updated IG.

@mrrtther Please read my further postings. There was an imposter which has now been resolved. I mention that in subsequent postings.

I am her biggest supporter. Always have and will be.

Please do not try make me out to be the bad person here. We are all on the same side.

@Pariscummings_ If you don't already follow @FATHEROFESSEN they regularly do trains, even if you don't necessarily get on one you can go through & follow all of the members & most, if not all, will follow you back. That might be a good way to start building followers.

@Pariscummings_ You're welcome. I was kicked off Twitter after 5 years 鈽癸笍. It sucks having to start over but you'll build it back up here pretty quick & I think you'll find a lot more engagement here then on Twitter or at least I do anyway. I really love this platform #FuckTwitter 馃枙

@muellersuksadikovsky I was on twitter since 2011 m, had over 20k followers, and got booted off in last few week. Here鈥檚 to new beginnings.

It is Katie Hopkins a million percent The CEO of Parler has confirmed it himself he has also verified her account

@807ca72c8e294db6b3c52985e91bd723 Read my further comments. I retracted it after speaking to @John


@Pariscummings_ Oh ok sorry I didn't see it

@807ca72c8e294db6b3c52985e91bd723 No problem. It was just last night there was an imposter. I wasn鈥檛 aware until this evening it had been resolved.

I only ever have the best of interests for our national treasure @KTHopkins

We'll see. She's posting her 1st video later


I love her. So happy she is here. Thank you.

Well said, Sir.

Welcome onboard!


Brilliant ! This is going places now...

I'm @SimarkUK They shadow Banned me for nothing !!!

I'm very Good Sensible... and use Common Sense when I #Parler
I Just want DEMOCRACY * Freedom of Speech * DeFundBBC * Independence from #EU Super State * STOP the FAR LEFT Socialists destroying UK & USA 馃 馃嚞馃嚙


Fantastic xx

Thanks for creating a platform where we can express freedom of speech!

Welcome. Glad you鈥檙e here.

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So glad you made it.

@John Welcome

@John 馃挋馃挋馃檹馃檹

We may not be allied by land or government, but there is a resounding, global cry of 鈥楨nough!鈥 to centuries of globalist efforts whether by Icebergs, Endless Wars, and Pandemics to control then crush the human spirit and voice.
Our day is now, and this movement of Freedom will wash over them and dash their ships upon the rocks of history.

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That was beautiful! 鈾ワ笍

@RannPatterson 鉂わ笍

I don't agree with everything @kthopkins say's, in fact I dissagree with a lot of it, but she's here as a direct result of the extreem left....and is pretty fit xx

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You don鈥檛 have to agree with someone support their free speech rights. I don鈥檛 agree with many people on most things. But I think we all should have a right to say it.

@John Absolutely, on social media in particular censorship is something the individual can do not the state or leftist organisations like Twitter and Facebook

Same. I am saddened that in this day and age of technology and idea sharing that people can be silenced.

I note the way they also framed the banning of @KTHopkins as "permanent suspension" rather than just calling it what it was. A ban. Nothing like sanitising the truth to make twitter look like they are not being dicks. 馃槒

I did my Twexit this morning. How refreshing that felt!

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Twexit! Love it!

Fantastic this is great news馃挜鉂わ笍馃憤

Hope we get more Ukip, Brexit, and Tories here. How about more Canadians too? Maxime Bernier, Rebelnews, etc

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Not kidding at all, I was just wondering how to encourage Rebel News, SGR, Ezra Levant, Candice Malcolm, Andrew Lawton and Blacklocksreporter to join up here.

I dont think it will be too hard once Canadians start to hear about this. I just heard about it this morning watching something on YouTube from fox news.

Here Here...... well bloody said..... we must defend our security.... and our children..... 鉁岋笍 馃憤

Many thanks, let鈥檚 get effing on it