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Mark Levin @Marklevinshow

The video Facebook and Twitter don't want you to see

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America front line doctor scouts press conference transcript. Share the transcript and Parler video link on Twitter and Facebook!

#conservative #covid19 #covid19hoax #covidlies #covidhoax #saveamerica #foramerica #loveamerica

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I just shared it on FaceBook!!

Stay off Twitter and Facebook you are financing the enemy. Would you buy tanks from Germany to defeat Hitler? Then why would you finance the left to defeat Democrats?

@Rdgeno No we need the truth to be out! Waking up libertards !

I just shared on Facebook


This is the video that Trump shared and his tweet was deleted, you know what to do: AMERICAN DOCTORS ADDRESS COVID 19 MISINFORMATION WITH CAPITOL HILL PRESS CONFERENCE #BitChute

@Rdgeno You are a brainlet.

YouTube and FB pulled my video down of these doctors, too.

@YvetteD Post the Parler video with a link and the article

@YvetteD Try to copy link and share this. If its on youtube it is taken down. If from another " server" it will show.

Thank you!

The 4 downvotes are libtards.

@Kirarel We can't educate them, brainwashings are very hard to undo. They don't want these doctors to be right because that means Trump was right. They don't care how many thousands of people have died and will die. But they'll be begging for HCQ if they or a family member end up with Corona

@Pammiltay How can I share it? New to Parler.

Facebook took this down and is trying to block it. I keep reposting it. Please share widely.

It is murder to keep life saving medications away from doctors and patients. It is also murder to put covid pisitive patients in nursing homes. How many people have they murdered in the United States? How much blood do the democrats have on their hands?

@1madgina They are afraid of class action lawsuits

@Rdgeno Yup. Be sware is the point.

Wish i could go to my state congress! Liar Elizabeth Pochahontas Warren and Ed Markey..embarrassed from mass

@Kirarel Class action? What about criminal charges of 1st degree murder? Governors knowingly went against CDC guidelines and forced nursing homes to take covid positive patients. Think of all the loved ones lost. They weren't even allowed funerals. It's heart breaking. Then banning HCQ knowing it works almost 100% of the time? It's criminal. How many will they kill with a vaccine? When are they held responsible?


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This is the video that Trump shared and his tweet was deleted, you know what to do: AMERICAN DOCTORS ADDRESS COVID 19 MISINFORMATION WITH CAPITOL HILL PRESS CONFERENCE #BitChute

Thanks Mark!

You are our reality check!

It鈥檚 out there now 馃憤

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Twitter restricted Donald Trump JR for retweeting parts of this video, but did not restrict me
I wonder why 馃槂馃槂馃槂

YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! Thank you for sharing the whole thing! Will spread as much as possible!

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What's the too long didnt listen summary of it?

Covid fears are blown way out of proportion and the fear mongering of the media is like a "spider web" (as she said less than a minute in (my add gave in after)) holding everyone back?

Thanks man

Excellent. Thank you!

They can鈥檛 stand the truth

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This is the video that Trump shared and his tweet was deleted, you know what to do: AMERICAN DOCTORS ADDRESS COVID 19 MISINFORMATION WITH CAPITOL HILL PRESS CONFERENCE #BitChute

Great video!

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What a DICK head.

Fuck you tweeter 馃枙馃憥馃槗bye, bye tweet. 馃枙馃枙馃枙


Thanks for sharing this #truthful and #scientific video. It will be shared on all of my social media as the #American public deserves to hear the truth about how covid19 has effected our poulation and future treatment. In essence, debunking the fear driven by politics.

We Support our Police!


@Spahgettinumber8 Tweeter suck, and it's CEO, sucks commie cock.

@Spahgettinumber8 You white blue eye communist pinkco pig.

I stole this and posted it...
on Twitter...

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Arya @A31962

Suspended my account so many times and finally shut me down just because i would post: Trump is a gift of God

Racist white bird on the blue democratic background - that is symbolic 馃槀

@Spahgettinumber8 Never use tweeter.

No joke...fb and YouTube blocking it!

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Of course they are

Thank you, so the hoax is confirmed

This is the video that Trump shared and his tweet was deleted, you know what to do: AMERICAN DOCTORS ADDRESS COVID 19 MISINFORMATION WITH CAPITOL HILL PRESS CONFERENCE #BitChute

Im done with those two....

@Luc110 I've known since March. I think we ALL have. You could just see it developing perfectly for the libtard left.

Not sure if you guys know about but that is where all the deleted videos are going. Please echo

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Yes!!!! Thank you for getting this out again.

They are scared to death. I am in medicine 46 years. This deal with hydroxychloriquine is murder.

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For being an educated person you sure do not express yourself very well. Anyway, what are you talking about... murder and hydroxychloroquine? I've seen numerous doctors on television that have said hydroxychloroquine saved many of their patients.

Explain your comment this deal with it is murder.

You saying Fauci is to blame ?

I hope you mean this refusal to allow hydrochloriquine is murder...

It is murder. It started at the presser when Fauci said the evidence of its efficacy is only anecdotal. A doctor in Iran had used HCQ, zinc, and antibiotics on hundreds of real people who all recovered. Even those close to death. If the people had been made up, it could be called anecdotal, if he had used lab animals or a computer model, but not when he had documented proof hundreds of actual people with covid 19 had been cured. 5 Democrat governor's banned its use after a woman murdered her husband with aquarium cleaner. That was not even labeled hydroxychloroquine. It was sodiumchloroquine and she did it intentionally. It's murder.

What do you mean "murder"? My husband and I've had to taken hydroxychlorquine when I traveled to South East Asia in the past. No problems for either of us. And no illnesses.

@Tkaroly Reread what I wrote. It meant the issue with it is murder in that they didn鈥檛 give it. Okay. We agree...smh


I seen it

Yes again the truth! They can't handle the truth anymore than the Demonrats can!

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Thats because they are commiecrats.

They ARE the democrats.

The truth!

So glad to see this!! Everyone echo!!

And youtube

Both Twitter and Facebook have deleted this video off their forum

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Tweeter, YouTube, Facebook, are and always were Commiecrsts.

Keep posting it everywhere. They have to report it, then pull it down. By then a few million get to see it.

@Spahgettinumber8 Copy link of John's post and put it on your personal pages! It will show if itnot from youtibe

They took the frontlibe doctors website down as well

An excellent video, with vital information 馃嚭馃嚫馃檹馃徎馃嚭馃嚫

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Thank you鈥硷笍

FB has deleted it every time I鈥檝e posted it. Probably 10 times or more.

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Do you have the file?? Can you share it with me?? Also, maybe we can find a creative way for fb's bots not to auto block/delete it

@VFernan682 Thanks! 馃槝

Suckerberg is a commiecrat.

You need to capture it by your phone like a regular video. They already know to ban the YouTube links and other links. They don鈥檛 have processing to figure out if it is created by another device.
Break it up into sections.

@UnmaskedAmerican I haven鈥檛 been able to save it besides copying the link. Tell me how.

@VFernan682 I鈥檝e used screen capture like camtasia when on a laptop. Or if you record like a video from your phone of the screen of your laptop. You won鈥檛 get the best video quality but it will vary enough that it will be deemed as a different video than the banned one. Especially if you talk at all over the video like 鈥渨atch this... pay attention here鈥 . The processing of words will be different and will make it different so it鈥檚 not automatically banned.

They deleted mine 3x now just today. FB sucks

Doctors opinions should not be censored to score a political point