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Dan Bongino @Dbongino

CNN's Fredo Cuomo Finally Admits Homicides Are Rising, Blames it On States Reopening 馃憞馃徎馃憞馃徎

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True idiot !!!!

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This guy has no shame

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Dan I listen to your show as much as possible. Thank you for helping me find my courage to believe in standing up and helping. I went down to the gop where I live and volunteered. I posted signs in my yard. I am trying to help others like myself find their courage. God bless you and your family

Go back in the basement Fredo!

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Basement? Or closet? 馃槅

LMAO. Yeah that鈥檚 the cause.


What a Donkey!

Fredo is a Moron!

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Says a lot about his ivy school education. He's a joke and his brother is a killer

So is Chris and Andrew!



Ummmm.... and the left are eating it up presumably

This man is a complete waste of skin.

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This is a great post!!!

... and money, and breath.

And human cum

Jeepers creepers would have a field day with him!

Another clueless idiot!

Legitimate news person or complete asshole? You be the judge.

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Legitimate Asshole?

Asshole for sure!



I鈥檒l go with the latter!

What a POS

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The only stupid one here is him!

He鈥檚 a clown!

Yea, ok. 馃槀馃槀

Are you serious?

Damn idiot

This guy needs a fucking beaten sorry Fredo you鈥檙e an asshole

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