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Badwolf Hateprogramers

I was thinking about these school closings. Children need social interaction to develop social skills. If this is denied at an early age the child will forever be at a disadvantage.

More importantly though, socially awkward children feel scared and unwanted. This makes them more vulnerable to sexual predators.

And we know that everything liberals do is "... about the children..."

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Clinton · @Clinton614 ·


The amount of support we had was overwhelming. First time I've felt normal in months. Nobody had on a mask, just about everyone was armed, hundreds of cars driving by honking, waving and showing their support....

This is how you counter a BLM protest and shut them down!


Strength in numbers. Don't blink. Black LICE Matter and Antifa expect us to back down. Remind these a$$holes while holding your flag that, " these colors don't run".

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Badwolf · @Hateprogramers ·

I just joined Parler! Looking forward to meeting everyone here.

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Welcome to Parler. So glad you made it. I have been here since the beginning and want to make sure that you enjoy everything Parler has to offer. Interacting with the community is the best way to maximize your experience. Reach out to me anytime you have questions.

Welcome to Parler! Help us MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN by clicking the link below. Be sure to text TRUMP to 88022!

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Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Welcome to Freedom!🇺🇸🇺🇸Let me know if you have any questions! #parlerconcierge

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Trying to get verified but I can't get my state of WI to take, form keeps putting me in TX. Also would like to k how how to re-take profile picture.

Thanks in advance

THX & Welcome 3~2~1~D🚀T🇺🇸

Keep America Great! - #Trump2020 🇺🇸 (SHARE) If Trump does not win, bye bye America as we know it... #Trump2020

Welcome to free speech

Go back to Twitter with the other normie fag estab. No one wants you here.

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I have never been on twitter, it is for twits like you that think they can make up your own "facts".

No one wants me here? What evidence do you have of that?

@Hateprogramers You do make up your own facts.
Everyone knows Trump won by stating to end all immigration. He conned is all. You are coping.

@notnilC Ok, show me the video clip of him saying he was going to END ALL IMMIGRATION or shut up about it.

Oh, and his call for a pause in all immigration does not count. He proposed a pause while we fix the overcomplicated and expensive process. That has too many loopholes.

@Hateprogramers He never said ALL. He didn’t have to. Trump increased BOTH.
Tell me, why is there a syringe 💉 💀 on Trumps commemorative metal?

Why is a Syringe Featured on Trump's Commemorative Medal? Why is a Syringe Featured on Trump's Commemorative Medal?

@notnilC Correct, he never said he wanted to end all immigration. BUT YOUR ARGUMENT, YOUR RED FLAG WAS THAT HE WANTED TO STOP ALL IMMIGRATION.

That was YOUR whole argument. Now you just admit that you made it up.

I think we are done here, you have nothing to offer.

@Hateprogramers Admit that under Trump, both legal and illegal immigration increased dramatically.
I’m not surprised the Dems are throwing in the towel this election. Why bother? Trump does all they want!

@notnilC You admitted your central point was made up, this is just a standard troll tactic to distract. You have nothing but fantasies to offer and I am not interested.

@Hateprogramers Not at all. You’re lying to yourself and Trump lied to everyone else. It’s all a cult of personality. You don’t care about Americans. You care about Trump the celebrity. Team red, which is really team orange.. orange communism. And you’re a shitlib using shitlib lies. Calling people racist if they dare to express their desire to end immigration. Lol. RED FLAG. We got a open borders communist here!

@notnilC No, I called you a racist for posting "if you are white, vote for Biden"

Again I have to remind you that you are not allowed to rewrite the past.

@Hateprogramers Lol. I never said that. I said it’s in whites best interest to vote Biden, so we can take the orange con man away from the brainwashed white people who think Trump is on their side, sit back and trust the plan.
Trump won’t save them. Neither will Biden, but they know that. Better under Biden.
The worst policies are always implemented under conservatives. Patriot act. USMCA. This shut down. Amnesty for illegals under Reagan.

Welcome! Mario

Thank you for reviewing my comment, and by the way,
Welcome to Parler, @Hateprogramers!
We deplorables have one heck of a GOOD TIME over here 😉