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Sick and Tired Littleoleme83 Just a conservative Trump supporter sick and tired of the leftist liberal hypocrisy on Twitter.

#ChumpsForTrump Biden's latest name for us.

Let's all go to twitter and make it trend.

Vote like you are fighting to save America in a revolution......because you are. #Trump2020

If you like your Biden era energy efficient washing machine that you have to run with Hot water just half clean your clothes and run empty just to try to clean the crud from the machine itself...just wait until he puts an end to the oil industry and see all the new improvements.

Everyone should remember when you hear Welker being lauded as moderator, that we heard about the same subjects in all the debates because they changed the topics of the last one out of fear of President Trump's record of achievement.

That character is better than your character thing that Biden tried, was just gross....

If your mind isn't made up how you will vote already, then you don't need to vote. Anything that happens on EITHER side cannot be trusted between now and election. We DO have a 4 year record of achievement from President Trump and a 47 year record of lack of achievmnt from Biden.

If you aren't alarmed by the deep state attempts to censor and control the election outcome that are going on all around us right now. Well, you probably still think you're a Russian bot since the last election too.

I stopped believing democrats 4 years ago when they first accused me of being a Russian bot. I know I'm not a Russian bot and that makes me believe many of those other people they claim interfered in the 2016 election, weren't really Russian bots either.

I think everyone needs to tread very carefully with regard to the Hunter Biden story. There is information that has been verified and there is alot of other information which has not. You can bet there has been some disinformation put out with the intention of being disproven and thereby casting doubt on it all.

Biden's son is a drug addict was used to launder millions while traveling all over the world. Meanwhile, our loved ones with drug problems spend time in PRISON, AND..BTW... many of OUR loved ones with these problems are VETERANS with PTSD from traveling all over the world.

If the Russia narrative was real, we would know it after 4 years of investigations, special councils, and attempted impeachments. It's time to investigate the investigators.

The Biden corruption is not surprising but I am disgusted with the FBI and losing faith in AG Barr.

We've endured 4 years of pink pussy hats and "pussy grabber" comments stemming from a private conversation taped without consent and now suddenly #Twitter develops some kind of guidelines they have to enforce.

I was waiting for #Biden to press his call light and request a blanket, warm prune juice, and a cup for his dentures. #TownHall #Election2020 #Stephanopolous #ABC #NBC

I was just waiting for Biden to press his call light and ask for warm prune juice. #Townhall

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Jack Posobiec · @Posobiec ·

BREAKING: Denver @9News gunman Matthew Dolloff charged with 2nd-degree murder for killing Trump supporter

I'm started to think America has a ruling class or deep state or shadow government out to control the Presidential elections. #CrookedJoeBiden #SteveScully #TwitterCensorship

I can't wait to go vote against the media.

Current situation on #twitter: Democrats/left gloating over "their" platform and telling us if we don't like it to go to #Parler.

Chicanery - The requirement to present a legal ID as proof of legal voter eligibility. 2. The state of being alive. 3. Only allowing one voter per legal voter.